What happens in a session?

Each session is determined by you as you are in your body in the moment. It is a hands-on, multi-dimensional experience. It is a collaborative exploration of how you inhabit your body, what alignment is comfortable for you and what challenges your comfort.

The observation ~

The puzzle of your three-dimensional being and how you find balance in the world is what engages and excites me. I want to help you to understand the relationships between your segments, to recognize the patterns that you know well and introduce you to those that you could use if you only knew them. Through exploration, it often becomes clear that some of your habitual patterns, which are likely unconscious, may be creating tension and even pain as you go about your day.

Consider beginning with the following questions:

  • How does your weight settle on to the ground as you sit or stand?
  • Where can you move easily?
  • In which directions is movement less familiar?
  • Which postures and movement patterns are just ‘you’?

The bodywork ~

Once we identify your dominant patterns, I begin to help balance your body’s tensions through fascial work. Your fascial tissue has a specific design that is ordered and sequenced according to your body’s regulation. Inquiring into your body experience, together we learn the sequence for the work to be done. The goal is to create more ease and balance throughout your body so that being upright feels comfortable, congruent and grounded.

The movement ~

From there we explore the ways you want to move in your life and I provide lessons in practical movement, coaching you in patterns that you can incorporate into your every day activities. You choose what you want or need to focus on and I give you the building blocks to get there.

The integration ~

Returning to your life with this information, you have a new sense of what you feel in your body and how you move. You can begin the shift toward efficient whole body movement, continuing to recognize your habits and patterns, bringing new discoveries and questions to each session, as we continue the journey toward centered, powerful alignment.