About Laura

I love my work.

Curious about the connectivity of all things, I get excited about figuring out relationships between the shapes, tensions and balance in the body. This life has graced me with an innate sense of spatial dynamics and design which complements my affinity for puzzles and problem solving.  My natural kinesthetic sense and 45 years of practice have brought me to a place where I feel masterful in working with fascial tissue. A practical optimist, I believe that as ‘works in progress’, there is always a way to find better balance and greater ease as we move toward wholeness.

This is what I share with my clients.

  • 45 years as an Occupational Therapist
  • 20 years of hospital rehab experience
  • 34 years in Aston Kinetics practice
  • 15 years as Aston faculty
  • 20 years of private practice with over 25,000 individual sessions
  • 15 years of regular yoga practice
  • currently studying Ayurveda